iCarly should be banned, or at least come with a warning

iCarly is a popular teen television show on Nickelodeon, a channel known for its cutting edge programs which in the past have been in the spotlight. It follows the everyday life of Carly and Sam, hosts of an online teen show that is available to the mass public.

This is a show that I think shouldn’t be even marketed. Why? Because it’s 1) not realistic, 2) doesn’t really stick to the whole point of it (half of it is just a regular kids show with no real special effect), and 3) It’s pretty dangerous!

At no point should a teenager be allowed to be showcased on YouTube on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. It’s one thing to be singing into a microphone in your bedroom, it’s another to be prancing around the house showing off your room, your dog, your backyard, and your friends. People around the world can see these videos, your principal, your neighbor, your parents, your grandmother, and the sex offender living a block away from you. When putting your face in front of the whole internet, you have the chance of getting into multitudes of trouble. I wish Nickelodeon would one day dedicate an episode to this, but we all know that’ll never happen, but in reality it has a 50% chance of happening.

I’m no saying that people shouldn’t watch iCarly, it’s a great show, I have to sit there and watch it with my sibling all the time. However, everytime I sit down to watch it, I can’t help but think of how it doesn’t resemble any of the web shows I’ve seen. It’s too professional, and it drives me crazy!

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