Best Tips to Cut down on Grocery Expense

pasta sauceShopping for food and home essentials is surely in every one’s weekly to do list. It is always a pleasure to browse fresh produce while enjoying the lovely smell of newly baked bread and pastries. And those free taste booths are just too inviting.

Yes, the supermarket is a place of temptation – new flavoured chips, the latest miracle in laundry washing and other delightful items that are just oh so hard to resist not to try. No wonder many people find themselves coming home with extra items that they cannot actually consume and with less money in their pocket.

Here are 5 tips to avoid this pitfall…

1. Take a list. Make one and don’t forget to take it with you. You’ve heard it a lot before but it still remains the best way to stop impulse buying. Having a list with you also makes sure you get what you actually need. That saves you from going back to the shop again and subjecting yourself from the cruel taunts of the free taste booths.

2. Buy generic. I am sure there are items where the brand won’t matter much to you. People tend to choose brand out of habit so take time to ponder if you are okay with going with a can of peas with the store’s brand instead. Ask friends for advice to save you from guessing which generic brand is worth buying. You will be amazed with the cost difference.

3. Check the expiration date. Many shoppers forget to look at the label so don’t be one of them. Stop buying a gallon of milk that will expire in a couple of days. Take note of this tip especially when buying perishable items such as meat, yogurt, deli items and baked goods. You may think it is okay to use them a few days beyond their used by date, but this compromises your health and your family’s. And may end up costing you more.

4. Buy in bulk. Buying non-perishable items in bulk proves cheaper as packaging cost is less. So stock up on basics such as toilet tissues, pasta and canned goods. It is wise to buy from wholesalers provided you commit to tip #1.

5. Shop at the right time. It is best to shop with a full stomach. That way your hunger cravings have been satisfied and the range of food you see won’t seem too inviting. A great strategy is to do your shopping just before an important commitment. Say, a couple of hours before your favorite TV show or before picking up the kids. You will surely be in a hurry to tick off your list and will be more focused on finishing on time and less distracted by the products on the shelves.

Grocery shopping is probably the biggest part of any family’s budget. So cutting it down as much as possible is the simplest way to get extra cash and save for something special. Keep these tips in mind the next time you go and you’ll notice a positive change in your cash flow.

Jessy is an Autralia-based blogger and social web entrepreneur. She blogs for HomeLoanFinder, the best free eco-friendly tool that allows to easily compare best home loan rates.

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