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Philips Portable Baby Bottle Warmer

The Philips portable baby bottle warmer has received many good feedbacks from a number of mothers. Its ease to use and heat retention capacity is the main reason for winning so many mother’s hearts. They support reusable bottles, disposable bottles and baby food jars. They are simple to use. Only three steps namely insert the jar, set timer and press start. You can warm up your baby’s food anytime and anywhere.

The Philips portable baby bottle warmer is in the top rank among other portable bottle warmer because of its friendly to disposable bottles feature. With this Philips portable baby bottle warmer there is no extreme heating like what you get in microwave.

So there will be no destruction of vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients in your baby’s food due to overheating. Philips portable baby bottle warmer comes with replacement fuel cartridges so you can change it whenever needed. The portable baby bottle warmer is just an added feature to the normal Philips baby bottle warmer but it does a lot of difference when we experience it. In price wise the portable baby bottle warmer does not make any big difference than Philips baby bottle warmer. They are almost with comparable prices.

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Baby Bottle Feeding

The next efficient way to feed a baby is bottle feeding, where utmost care should be taken to select the type of accessories and train the baby to get used to it. So some information should be gathered for effective baby bottle feeding. Not only that, some precautious measures should be taken when using formula milk. There are various topics of discussion like problems in feeding the baby with the bottle which it is not used to, best use of the left over milk, problems with the bottle nipples that might not suite when baby feeding, selecting the correct size of the nipple for best feeding, problems with thumb sucking and so on.

First the baby has to be made comfortable using the baby bottle nipples. Initially the baby might feel awkward using it and it may cry, but then slowly it should be trained to use the best baby bottle feeding. Some type or a pattern of feeding should be followed to make ease for the baby to be accustomed to the use of it. Initially the baby should not be forced to use the bottle too many times per week. First the baby should be bottle fed only two or three times per week. Therefore this would be the ideal way to make the baby feel comfortable with the bottle feeding.