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Review of the Fisher Price Aquarium Baby Bouncer

The Fisher Price Aquarium Baby Bouncer is a fantastic bouncy chair for babies to enjoy. I am sure many of you will know the feeling when you have been holding your baby for hours trying to calm him or her down and you just don’t know what else to do. I was in that very dilemma. I then used the baby bouncer and he calmed down instantly and started enjoying the chair.

The chair features hanging toys that the baby can play with, including a rattle which all babies love. As the title might give away, the general theme of the bouncy chair is “aquarium”. There are fish decorated around the chair as well as on the white headset at the front for your child to interact with. This provides a great learning point for your child as they can recognise wildlife while being comfortable and happy.

One of the main features is the electronic element of the product. It has music and lights that the child can interact with. My child could not stop playing with the lights, and best of all they are child safe and use very little voltage, meaning you don’t have to spend on batteries a lot.

Another key feature of Fisher Price Aquarium Baby Bouncer is that your child’s normal movement will power the swing effect. Normal motions, such as sneezing and couching is enough to swing the chair, which means your child will never be bored again whilst in the chair.

When your child is tired and needs to go to sleep, you can activate a function where small vibrations go through the chair, soothing your baby and effectively helping them to put them to sleep. This is a great feature that I have used many a time in stressful situation with my child.

As you can see the Fisher Price Aquarium Baby Bouncer has many strong points and is an all round good buy. For what you pay you get great features and the chair provides a fantastic and safe environment to leave your child in.

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