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Watch Out for Baby Car Seat Recalls

When it comes to safety of babies and kids, the first step for parents is to make sure that they purchase a safe, durable and comfortable car seat for their infant or child. Baby car seats are of different types and there are many companies producing different types of car seats so, parents must have complete knowledge of car seats and their safety. After purchasing the most appropriate type of car seat, the second step is to install and use the car seat correctly. There are certain ways to keep the child in the car seat safe; children under 12 should always ride in the back seat especially if the passenger seat has air bags, infants must travel facing the rear of the car till they are 1 year of age, in a toddler seat till they weigh 40 pounds and in a booster seat till they weigh about 80 to 100 pounds. After that, children will be ready to use the vehicle’s safety belts when the shoulder strap fits across his shoulder and lap belt across his hips. Study and follow the car seat manual and car seat manufacturer’s instructions carefully. Sometimes, the manufacturers may recall the car seat if they might pose any threat to the safety of your child and are required to fix the car seat free of charge and make sure it is completely safe for usage.

Before buying, borrowing or renting a car seat make sure that it is not more than 10 years old, the expiry date present on the plastic has not passed and it has never been in a crash. Acquire the detailed instruction booklet, check for any defects such as cracks, frayed straps or stiff buckles; also check for possible recalls and the complete history of the seat if it has been borrowed from someone. Usually, in case of a problem parents don’t have to send the car seat back; the defective part can replaced with the new part sent by the manufacturer. Otherwise, for an old seat if the company does not exist, the car seat must be destroyed to make sure it is not used by anyone else. Any defect in the baby car seat must be corrected immediately, and the baby car seat can be continued to be used longer in case another car seat is not available. While you wait for the replacement kit, it is better to keep on using the car seat rather than let the child travel with safety belts only. Almost all car seats come with registration cards and parents can immediately send in the cards to register in case the car has to be recalled; even if the car seat is old, parents can always contact the manufacturer to send them a registration card.

Parents should know the manufacturer and model information about their baby car seat; the name of the manufacturer and the name of the specific car seat model if they want to check for recalls. They should be aware of all the recall lists and if their baby car seat model is applicable for a recall in which case, they should immediately inform the car seat manufacturer. The recall list for all brands is regularly updated and parents need to be aware of the brands and car seat models that have been recalled. The car seat Sit-N-Stroll with its stroller combination model 4002 was recalled, the brand Recaro recalled some Como and Signo car seats manufactured between Nov., 1, 2007 and Feb. 16, 2009 were recalled because a spring in the locking cam was not according to proper dimensions.

Similarly, about 32000 Peg Perego Primo Viaggio infant car seats were recalled because some mould flash could have been left on the harness adjuster cover. More than 30,000 Britax combination car seats were recalled because of loose harness straps danger. More than 40,000 Graco ComfortSport convertible car seats were recalled because the body pillow obscured the air bag warning on the seat pad. More than 3500 bases for the Baby Trend Rigid Latch-Loc infant car seats were recalled because the wrong steel was used on part of the LATCH connector. EvenFlo recalled 1000,000 Discovery infant car seats because of failed crash tests, 800 Team-Tex BabyRide infant car seats were recalled because of incorrect labelling and 1000 Mia Moda Viva infant car seats were recalled because the lower anchor connector adjuster could interfere with the connection of the base of the seat. Britax issued a recall on some models of Marathon convertible car seats because of weight limit issues and Dorel Juvenile Group has recalled 19 car seat models under Safety 1st, Cosco and Eddi Baurer bands because of a harness defect that could allow the child to move too far forward in a crash.

Car seat recalls should be strictly followed and any car seat which has been recalled should be immediately reported to the manufacturer. Negligence on your part can be harmful for your baby’s safety.

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