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Why Mary Poppins Just Might Be Onto Something!

Anybody who has sat down with their kids and enjoyed the classic film ‘Mary Poppins,’ will know how it endears itself with children and adults alike. It’s an old film (first released in 1964) but it has lost none of its popularity.

Now, we all know how hard it is to convince children to help out around the house, clean their bedrooms or help with chores. It’s not exactly something that comes naturally, and if, like most parents, you are sick of your nagging falling on deaf ears, it may be time to try a new approach. Mary Poppins said ‘In every job that must be done there is an element of fun’. It’s actually quite true. We as adults still need to look for the motivation to carry out household tasks – but we understand the end result is the satisfaction of a job well done. Kids don’t understand this concept, so they’ll just have to find the fun in the middle of the job! Here are some ideas for injecting some fun into work around the home that your kids will love:


Vacuuming can be done by kids as young as two! Okay, they might not do a great job but it’s good training for them. Make them giggle while they are playing with the vacuum by pretending that they ran over your foot! Or tip out loads of tiny cake sprinkles and get your kids to suck them up with the vacuum. When they are picking up stuff they are interested in it gets much more fun! The earlier you start with kids the better as they don’t understand boredom when they are young – everything is a toy to be played with!

The Washing Up

Older kids are totally able to do their own washing up so let them! Give them a step if they can’t quite reach the sink. If you do the drying, and sing songs with them while you are working, they will forget that it’s even work at all! Distract them from a mundane job by swapping jokes, teaching rhymes and being silly.

Teach Good Habits

It is entirely possible to get your kids into good habits from a very early age. As soon as they are old enough to understand you, you can get them to start putting their shoes and clothes away. If they spill something, give them a cloth and let them help clean it up. They’ll think it’s a great laugh and when you praise them they will burst with pride.

It’s all about helping your kids to associate work with fun. The people that get on best in life find the fun in everything, no matter how dull it could be. Promoting a positive, fun attitude to your kids is one of the most helpful things you will ever do for them. They will turn into hard workers themselves if they are taught how to find the satisfaction in every job to be done. When they have worked really hard, stick on Mary Poppins as a treat for you all!

Today’s featured writer, Alena Love, is a frequent blogger. She is very finicky about cleanliness and hygiene. She regularly writes blogs about the importance of living in a tidy surrounding. She reviews cleaning equipment and recommends Power Vac’s vacuums for their compactness and durability.

Make Sure Your Window Blinds are Safe

When it comes to window treatments safety is probably not your first concern, but it is worth thinking about epically with children in the home. Your blinds are hardly the greatest threat, but according to Parents for Window Blind Safety 495 children in the US have been seriously injured or killed by blinds in the last few decades. Most of these have been caused by the child getting tangled in the control cords and strangling to death. Fortunately there are a few simple steps which can ensure that your blinds are safe.

Buy a cord tidy

By far the simplest measure you can take is to buy a cord tidy to ensure that your children can’t reach the control cords and accidently strangle themselves. This can be as simple as a cleat hook (a two pronged bit of metal that you can screw to the wall and wrap the cords around in a figure of eight shape) or as sophisticated as a ratchet locking system. (A rotating drum with the cords attached insuring allowing you to open or close your blinds by turning the handle). In general the ratchet system is safer as there isn’t the possibility of forgetting and leaving the cords free.

Be careful with cribs and chairs

Children like to climb so try to avoid placing cribs, chairs or other raised surfaces near window blinds. This should help ensure that they don’t climb up and risk getting caught. There have also been cases where the blinds cords have fallen into a crib and the baby has subsequently gotten tangled in them. So the further away from the blinds the better.

Cordless Blinds and Curtains

While the above measures should be sufficient to prevent any accidents if you are redecorating or have just moved in, then it will be worthwhile getting cordless blinds or curtains instead. Roller blind and cellular shades in particular often come with very short or no cords. With all of these products it is also vital that secure them strongly enough that they can resist a child pulling down on them. You don’t want them falling on your child.


If your child has asthma or another respiratory disease then your window treatments could be refuge for dust mites and other allergens. To minimise this risk it is vital to clean them regularly. Fabric blinds and curtains can be vacuumed with the curtain attachment of a vacuum cleaner and cleaned more thoroughly by putting them in a bath tub with a little detergent and swirling them around for five to ten minutes. Plastic, wooden and aluminium blinds should be dusted regularly with a damp cloth.

I hope this advice has been helpful and can help you and your child avoid any accidents.

This is a guest post buy Daniel Frank who is writing on behalf of Wooden Blinds Direct